• Amanda Paul

    AJ Paul Photography

    BNW Spring Show 2019/ Photography

    I explore the natural world, using high-res digital SLRs paired with film-based filtering techniques to capture dramatic scenery and phenomena. I "develop" my photos in Lightroom, often stitching together adjacent shots into detailed panoramas. I fine-tune color balance & contrast to approximate the look of a photo developed on Velvia film. I do NOT create composites; each work is a single exposure representing the drama of the scene as I witnessed it without compromising its reality. I print using archival-quality materials and pigment inks. I offer both traditional matted prints on metallic fine art paper and modern metal prints done via dye sublimation by my local lab. Both have a vibrant, luminescent appeal. All equipment from screen to printers are carefully calibrated to ensure accurate color results. I tell the story of each piece on a certificate mounted to its back. Through my work I hope to inspire viewers to explore and preserve natural sites for generations to come.