• Angelina Kidd

    a light heist

    BNW Spring Show 2020/ Photography

    Wet plate collodion & Palladium prints are historical photographic processes dating back to the 1850s. Through their increasing rarity, they tell the story of the passage of time within the art form. Palladium prints are exposed & developed in the darkroom by hand coating paper with palladium solution and ferric oxalate. Print is highly archival & produces an exquisite warm toned image. Wet Plate Collodion Tintype plates are coated with salted collodion and immersed into silver nitrate. After exposure with a Voigtlander-Petzval 1846 lens, the plate is hand developed in the darkroom. The last step is to varnish the plate with sandarac lavender oil that is applied by hand and warmed over an alcohol lamp. Each tintype is one of a kind by the inherent nature of the process.