• Annie Chrietzberg

    Annie Chrietzberg Fine Ceramics

    BNW Fall Show 2017/ Ceramics

    Within the bounds of functional objects, I compose in color, pattern, shape, form, feel, and experience - as functional objects only reach their true potential during use. My work is hand-built, and while making, I orchestrate the juxtaposition of pattern. The work is energized by junctions where pattern comes together, and pattern, in this case, also becomes texture with bas-releif that reaches out to you as you reach toward the pot. I formulate and make my own glazes, and my glaze palette is non-traditional, diverse and ever-changing, as well as durable and food safe. I use stoneware, and fire at stoneware temperatures, because I believe strongly that it is the correct way to make tableware intended for everyday use, but I do not fall back on the traditional stoneware glaze palette. I am committed to achieving radiant colors at stoneware temperatures, and my glaze palette reflects my twenty plus years of research, testing, and commitment to my craft.