• Dehanna Jones

    Totally Blown Glassworks

    BNW Fall Show 2017/ BNW Spring Show 2017/ Glass

    The body of my artwork is created by a combination of traditional glass blowing techniques and my attraction to intense color. I incorporate technical elements of hot glass sculpting and casting in my predominately blown forms. This allows me to add feet, handles, lip wraps and a variety of other elements while the vessel is hot. I first gather molten glass from a 2150 degree furnace on a blow pipe and colorize each vessel. My work is not painted, but colored glass manipulated while hot to form pattern. I use the transparency of glass to transmit and reflect light through the layers of color to increase the surface intensity while retaining the smooth glossy nature of blown glass. By layering opaque and transparent colors separated by thin layers of clear, I create a surface depth and richness not seen in most blown forms. As I blow out the bubble and shape it to the desired form the color stretches with the vessel changing with it as grows into a thin larger vessel.