• Rin Causey

    Wild Spirit Designs

    BNW Spring Show 2019/ Jewelry/ Other

    I am mesmerized by the beauty of rocks and gems and the hidden treasures found inside relatively innocuous dull stones. I am equally intrigued with the metaphysical and healing properties associated with such stones and their use as personal totems, as well as wearable art. I find that people are drawn to particular pieces and find great personal attachment to their individual messages and I am very gratified when they connect with the right piece for them. Each work starts with a rough cut and then polished stone or semi precious gemstone. Many of these works incorporate indigenous or tribal cultures adopt names and traits associated with the stones. Each handcrafted piece is a personal talisman, made from seed beads and gemstones; each has a set of healing and metaphysical properties associated with it that are described in a story board unique to each entity. They can be worn as pins, necklaces, worn on hats, or framed for wall hanging.