• Vicky Zomenou

    Porpe Artifacts


    Everything starts from an image & then a dialogue begins,between the mind,the heart, the hands,the tools,the material,and the techniques. Usually,we combine metals,such as brass,silver (925 and 999) and gold, with wood,cords,threads,silk,enamels, semiprecious stones, simple stones, colors. Our work usually represents or shows details of our beautiful world that we tend to miss, as our minds are occupied with everyday life. All of our jewelry are fully designed and made by us (no metal commercial parts). We either micro sculpture our design on hard and/or soft wax and prepare elements to be casted using the lost wax technique or we work, straight, on metal. We like the different versions of the same theme and we prefer the imperfections and the freedom of form. Consumerism and plethora of goods drives many people to treat jewels only as accessories. There is an alternative point of view, the artistic one and hopefully, this is the side that our work will emphasize.