Load In / Load Out for Hangar 30


This is an excerpt from the pre-show letter you will receive as an artist for Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft shows at Magnuson Park.  Key details are provided here for your quick reference.

Show Load-in: Starts at noon the day before the show and runs until 8 PM.  You may also load in the following morning from 9am – 11am.

Directions: The address for Magnuson Park – Hangar 30 is 7400 Sand Point Way NE Seattle, WA 98115. Enter Magnuson Park off of Sand Point Way NE at NE 74th Street. Go straight, past the unmanned guard booth and you will see Hangar 30 a little over a block down, on the left.

Flame Treatment: We cannot stress this enough – requirements have changed and we must be in compliance with the  City of Seattle fire code in order to have a safe event.  Please review the codes at this link.

Booth Lighting: The Fire Marshal has informed us that lighting systems using 12 volt batteries for power are not allowed in any indoor venue within the Seattle city limits. There are No Exceptions to this regulation.

Plastic Bag Ban in Seattle: Single-use plastic shopping bags are no longer allowed within Seattle city limits. Read about this ban here.

Booth Assignments: You can find your booth assignments on our map, which will also be posted at Artist check-in.

Hotels:  NWAA has negotiated rates for both you and your customers at Hotel Nexus near Northgate Mall.  You may also do a Google search for address 7400 Sand Point NE Seattle, WA 98115 to search for nearby accommodations. Hotels in Kirkland or Bellevue, WA are across the lake on I-520 which is a toll bridge.  The hotel sites list those locations “as the crow flies” and they are not as close as they appear on a map.


Show Load-out: Please do not start breaking down prior to 5:05 pm on Sunday, as this can eliminate last minute sales for you or your neighbors. It only takes a few booths being disassembled to send the message to potential customers that the show is over.

Break down your booth completely before you bring your vehicle in for loading. KINDLY DO NOT LEAVE TRASH BEHIND, as it places a burden on our volunteer cleanup staff.  Be sure to throw any trash in your area into the cans provided. Please make sure to start breaking down your booth immediately at 5:05 pm. Please do not leave for dinner after the show before breaking down your booth and exiting the building.

Data Coverage in the Hangar/Weak Cell Signal

Due to the Hangar being a very solid, older building, the cell coverage is not ideal. We want to ensure that you do not miss out on any sales due to weak cell coverage when processing payments with Square or another credit card processor. We recommend:

  • For mobile point-of-sale services such as Square, Chase, etc., during each transaction, be aware that your transaction may not go through or may connect slower than normal.
  • If a transaction starts, be patient and wait for the confirmation message prior to putting your mobile device away or shutting it off.
  • For mobile point-of-sale services that allow manual input, be prepared to jot down a customer’s card number, and other information required by your service, so that the transaction can be completed manually as the signal permits or while taking a break when you can go outside of the building.
  • Point of Sale devices (the older ones with printers attached) may not have an issue with the weak signal as they are larger and more powerful devices.

We look forward to seeing you all during the course of the show. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.