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News /June 27, 2015

NWAA Artist Recommended Photographers

Mark Frey (has provided artwork photography services to BNW show artists for many years)

markfreyphoto@ywave.com  /  360-894-3591

Daniel Fox, Lumina Studio (recommended by Jeremy Keller)

dan@luminastudio.net  /  206-940-4620

3400 Harbor Ave., Seattle, WA 98126

Jeff Miller  (recommended by John Luke)

jeff@jeffmillerphoto.com  /  206-323-3370

911 E Pike St., #206, Seattle, WA 98122

Ken Wagner  (recommended by Sandy Hurd)


1100 E Union Seattle WA 98122

Jerry McCollum  (recommended by Alice Britt)

mrjerryjm@palouse.com  /  509-592-6827

120 East Church St., Palouse, WA 99161

Mike Boydstun, Director of Photography  (recommended by Angela Ehrig)

206-229-9372 cell

Richard Nicol  (recommended by Jana Cooper)

rnicol@msn.com  /206-784-1093

Doug Yaple (recommended by Tegan Wallace)

Dyaple@Comcast.net  /206-349-5565